Week 23

LD = Long distance MD = Middle distance  EJ = Easy jogg
– If you have any questions regarding the exercise plan – no worries, please feel free to ask or ask at the training. We will help you!

Monday 04.06 kl.:18:00  – Meet at NIH Track 
Warm up: 20 min + 4 strides | Intervals starts 18:20
Hill-intervall, MD and LD do the samme:
4-7x3min, we’ll run here.
Break: jog down(LD) / super slow jog down (MD)
Cool Down: 15-20min jogg / Swim

Tuesday 05.06 
kl.:18:00 – Meet at NIH Track 
Social Easy Longrun, ca 14km in the beautiful Oslo Forest
– Bonus: Strength and Mobility

Thursday 07.06 kl.:??:?? – Meet at NIH Track   
Bislett Games, Example of workout, feel free to organize among each-other:
Warm Up: 15-20min
Break: 3min-2min-1min-45sec | S Break: 4-5min
1 Lap SV moderat (low threshold)
5-8x400m (1500m/3k pace)
Break: 90sec
– Bonus: Strength and Mobility

Saturday09.06 kl10:00   – Meet at NIH Track
Two options:
1) Social Easy Longrun form NIH Track Ca 14-16km.
LD: Threshold: TBA. eg.: 1-2x(3-2-1km) p:2.00/1.30/1.00
MD: 2-4x(2x(300mFast-200mSlow-200mFast-100mSlow))
Series break: 3-5min
– Bonus: Strength and Mobility 

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